picaresque: RyCol (+ smallthings ; walking on broken glass)
Dreamwidth is nice to look at, but mighty confusing o_O More than lj, and lj is already hella confusing. Well, at least I got a layout setup. I dunno if I will use this journal actually, but it's nice to have one, haha. Also, I think I won't turn it into friends only, I will post most of my stuff @ lj anyway.

Picaresque was actually the name, I wanted for [livejournal.com profile] wickedground, but it was already gone. So yay for dreamwidth.

All the Small Things tonight, wohooo! It better rocks, and has no Michael/Esther happy crappy ending. I can't wait, I try to stay away from spoilers. We will see how this will work out when the night progresses (have to stay awake for the torrent, of course).



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